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Taryn Toad Tosses Pebbles

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Our first of many products, Taryn Toad Tosses Pebbles is now showcased in the Wisdom Tree Library. Taryn Toad's book helps children deal with their negative emotions and feelings. The Wisdom Tree Library
Children's Stories


Looking to the future, Little Lights Publishing is planning to have on-going development on our web site so it will be growing and changing often. This growth and change will bring new adventures for children that will help tap into their imagination and creativity.

Children will learn valuable lessons from the "On the Way to Woodyland" cast of characters. Little Lights Publishing will be introducing and showcasing each book in the series as it becomes available starting with "Taryn Toad Tosses Pebbles".

Presently, there are thirteen books in this series. There are many characters as well as many other products which will be offered. These characters and their unique set of products will be offered in collections. The collections will contain books, the character's special music, t-shirts and other products. These collections will be available in the near future. Of course, each item will be priced so that it can be purchased separately, also.


Look for our next children's book "Melissa Mouse Learns to Decide" to be showcased in the Wisdom Tree Library soon. Melissa Mouse's book helps children begin the process of learning how to make decisions. Please bookmark our site and visit often in order to grow with us and be a part of the beginning of the Little Lights adventure for children.
Melissa Mouse

Focus children's energy in positive directions.

Little Lights Publishing would like to give you information on our plans for this site and the products that will be available for your children.

We have one goal and that is to help focus children's energy in positive directions.

When our plans are completed there will be seven paths into different areas of our web site. Several of the paths will take children to interactive play areas.

You will see the concept developed by Little Lights Publishing and Gabrielle come to life step by step. For now, the concept will remain a "surprise adventure". So visit often to see how the surprise unfolds.

We can tell you this much. Each path that is chosen will take children to different areas of the site that contains books, music, fun, interactive games and more.

Our site will be designed to be a safe, unending adventure at every turn with positive, caring, understanding characters that help show rather than tell children about respect and responsibility.

Children will learn about choices and how their choices affect them everyday... and they will learn much much more as they are able to actually participate in the creativity.

Our first path into the Wisdom Tree Library is now open and invites you to start your adventure with Little Lights Publishing by ordering the first delightful children's book from the On the Way to Woodyland series...



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