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The History of Gabrielle

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In 1990 Gabrielle was published as "a special guest contributor" in Colorado Grassland Anthology.

In 1991 Gabrielle's writings reached The White House. Mrs. Bush's personal representative was directed to call Gabrielle and express the First Lady's regard for her efforts in writing this body of work for children.

In 1996 Gabrielle wanted to "make a difference" in children's lives in a profound way and began working creatively with troubled youth using her positive, esteem-building material. In a residential treatment center, she directed a special project called "Expressions" and in this capacity was able to tap into the creative "treasures" buried deep within these discouraged teens. Gabrielle saw a great difference in their lives which stemmed from their own unique talents being developed and encouraged in positive ways.

In 1997 Gabrielle's first musical came alive on stage in Michigan. It was performed by 100 children in ballet and a portion of the proceeds were donated to the women's shelter.

Endorsements for this work have come from education specialists because it enhances children's self-concept positively on many different levels.

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Gabrielle brings magic to learning.

In our fast pace world of today our children don't have the opportunity to exercise their imaginations to the extent that they were exercised in more simpler times. Simplicity and imagination have gotten lost to a large degree in today's fast-paced society. Through the works of Gabrielle, the children can be taken on many joyous adventures through the use of their imaginations.

The philosophy of Gabrielle and Little Lights Publishing can be summed up in the words of Albert Einstein when he said:

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"



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