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Little Lights Publishing is dedicated to producing and distributing only the finest material for your children because we believe children are fragile and should be treated with care.

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At Little Lights we believe that children deserve the best that we can offer because “what we teach children as a society…we will also learn as a society… for the children are our mirrors.

This is why all of our characters, books, and products contain messages that promote positive behavior in our youth. These characters are caring, feeling, and understanding. They teach children choices through respect and responsibility. They teach not by telling but by example through story, song, play, and many other products which will be coming to the site as we grow.

Here at our Little Lights web site, we want adult and child alike to share an adventure.

We hope you will visit often in order to capture your imagination and creativity no matter what your age for there is a child in us all.

Thank you,

Gabrielle and
Little Lights Publishing



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